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SEO Audit Results


Title Tag

Meta Description Tag


Header Tags

Keyword Consistency

Amount of Content

Image Alt Attribute


Friendly URLs


Noindex Tag Test

Noindex Header Test



XML Sitemaps


Usability Audit Results

Device Rendering

This check visually demonstrates how your page renders on different devices. It is important that your page is optimized for mobile and tablet experiences as today the majority of web traffic comes from these sources.

desktop-alone mobile-alone

Use of Mobile Viewports

Use of Media Queries

Flash Used?

iFrames Used?


Legible Font Sizes

Accessibility & ADA Compliance

Performance Audit Results

Page Speed Results

Page speed is crucial to a smooth user experience.

The server response time metric measures the time it takes for your web server to respond to the main document request.

First Contentful Paint measures how long it takes the browser to render the first piece of DOM content after a user navigates to your page.

Time to interactive measures how long it takes a page to become fully interactive. A page is considered fully interactive when:
1.The page displays useful content, which is measured by the First Contentful Paint.
2. Event handlers are registered for most visible page elements.
3. The page responds to user interactions within 50 milliseconds.

Page Size Results

The size of your page can affect load speed and impact user experience. A general rule is to keep your page under 5MB in total file size.

Number of Resources

This check displays the total number of files that need to be retrieved from web servers to load your page. As a general rule, having more files to retrieve increases the number of server requests and can subsequently increase page load time. It is a good idea to removing unnecessary files or consolidate files like styles and scripts where possible.

Status Code Errors

Text Compression

Image Optimization

Javascript & CSS Minification

Deprecated HTML tags

Use video formats for animated content

Social Audit Results

Facebook Connected

Facebook Open Graph Tags

Facebook Pixel

Twitter Connected

Instagram Connected

YouTube Connected

LinkedIn Connected

Security Audit Results

SSL Enabled

HTTPS Redirect

Email Privacy

Domain Information

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