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The People and Story of 1 Stop Link

Serving small business owners with enthusiasm, ingenuity and dedication

How we got into digital marketing

Back in 2017, our founder Jake noticed that despite all the boom in the technology and internet space, small businesses were left out of the game.

That was a time when stuff like mobile apps, Google Reviews, Google Maps and interactive websites matured into staples in everyone's daily life.

But the typical small business website was old and clunky. Worse yet, it couldn't show up in search engines therefore couldn't be found by customers online.

That's the thing. Increasingly so, people find your business via online searches.

This sparked Jake's curiosity.

After going from door to door chatting with small business owners, he found these common problems:

  • 1. Most small business owners have yet to realize the power of their website.
  • 2. The typical small business website is a one-and-done job by a flight-by-night person or agency.
  • 3. Most small business owners have yet to realize how many more customers they can get if they improved their SEO.
  • 4. Most digital marketing agencies are not keeping up with the latest technology.
  • 5. Most digital marketing agencies outsource their work. When problems arise, they are difficult to reach and hard to talk to.
  • 6. Small business owners prefer working with a local agency that understands the local market.
  • 7. Small business owners like to work with a person one-on-one and face-to-face.

Enter 1 Stop Link

After seeing all the challenges and opportunities for small businesses, Jake started 1 Stop Link.

Our company was originally named "1 Stop Coder". Reason being the late 2010s was a pivotal era for the internet space. Websites became increasingly more interactive thanks to a few breakthroughs in web development.

Having been trained on the latest coding technology, Jake decided to do a few things differently:

  • 1. Use custom code instead of the obsolete WordPress platform. This allows for faster, more customizable and more interactive websites.
  • 2. Improve upon, instead of rebuilding, websites that are on DIY platforms such as Squarespace or Wix.
  • 3. Focus on ongoing management. Never do a one-and-done job.

It didn't take long for 1 Stop Link to reach the small business community in the Puget Sound area and other parts of the country like Florida, California and Tennessee. Over 6 years, we have helped close to 200 businesses succeed online.

The most common feedback from our clients is the impact we've created on them and their customers:

  • They get a better representation of their business.
  • Their customers can find them online.
  • Their customers have a easier time using their website.

That is the reason 1 Stop Link is in business - making an impact on the communities.

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