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Squarespace Website Development

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Squarespace Website Development

Squarespace Website Development

Expertly crafted Squarespace websites that stand out. Engage your audience with sleek, professional designs. Tailored by 1 Stop Link - your Squarespace specialists in Seattle.

Features Offered

100% made in USA
Customized design tailored to your brand
SEO optimized for better search engine ranking
Mobile responsive design
Integration with Squarespace's powerful tools
Professional copywriting and content creation
High-quality stock images from Squarespace's library
E-commerce capabilities for online stores
Social media integration
Ongoing support and updates
User-friendly CMS for easy management
SSL/TLS security certificate included
Includes Search Engine Optimization
Includes blog writing for SEO
Includes Google Analytics installation and reporting
Includes Google Search Console registration and management
Work one-on-one with one of our team members
In-person service in Seattle, Jacksonville, Nashville, Sacramento, & More


Quick setup and launch
We work with your existing Squarespace website
User-friendly interface for easy updates
Cost-effective without sacrificing quality
Ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs
Seamless integration of various baked-in functionalities

Things to Consider

Limited by Squarespace's platform constraints
Does not offer the same level of customizability as custom code
Not the best for SEO, but better than the rest

Founder's Notes

Just because Squarespace is DIY friendly, doesn't mean you shouldn't hire a pro. At 1 Stop Link, we specialize in making your DIY Squarespace websites OMG - more professional & actually rank on Google. Our team have mastered the under-the-hood part of Squarespace's platform, ensuring your site not only looks great but is also optimized for SEO, mobile responsiveness, and user experience. With our expertise, your Squarespace site will be a cut above the rest, featuring custom designs that reflect your brand identity and meet your business needs. Plus, we ensure your site takes full advantage of Squarespace's powerful tools and features for an all-around superior online presence.

Turn DIY into OMG

Squarespace is no longer the DIY platform it used to be. In 2024 and onward, it takes a professional to navigate the massive features on Squarespace. Still, Squarespace offers a perfect balance between ease of use and professional output. With our Squarespace Website Development service, you get a website that's not only beautiful and professional but also fully optimized for search engines and mobile devices. Ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a quick, effective online presence.

Optimized & Responsive

Our Squarespace websites are designed to be fully responsive, ensuring a perfect user experience on any device. SEO optimization is baked into the process, making sure your site ranks well and reaches your target audience effectively.

Seamless Functionality

Leverage the full suite of Squarespace's tools and features with our expert development. From e-commerce solutions to blog integration, social media, and more, we ensure your Squarespace site serves your business needs flawlessly.

Average Time to Launch

Typically 2-4 weeks

Reviews & Testimonials: Top Rated Digital Marketing Agency

Genuine words of appreciation from our loyal clients.

We Service You In-Person, Whenever We Can

As your website and SEO consultants, we understand the importance of being local.

We believe that building relationships and understanding the unique characteristics of your local market is critical to developing a successful online presence.

By being local, we can provide customized and personalized services that cater to the specific needs of your business and target audience. We understand that the power of the handshake extends beyond a simple greeting, but encompasses the trust and credibility that comes with face-to-face interactions.

This is why we prioritize building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. By doing so, we can better understand your business goals, target audience, and unique selling proposition, and develop an effective online strategy that will help you stand out in your local market.

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Set benchmarks & exceed expectations.

We Focus On Ongoing Management, Not Just a One-Hit Wonder

As your SEO expert, we understand that optimizing your website for search engines is not a one-time task but an ongoing process. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, and your competitors are always looking for ways to outrank you. Therefore, we focus on ongoing management to ensure that your website stays relevant, up-to-date, and competitive in the ever-changing online landscape.

Our approach involves continuous monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing your website's performance to identify new opportunities and improve your search engine rankings. We use a data-driven approach to track key performance indicators, such as traffic, rankings, and conversions, and make data-backed decisions to improve your website's visibility, relevance, and authority.

Our ongoing management services include content creation, link building, keyword research, on-page optimization, technical optimization, and analytics tracking. By choosing us as your SEO expert, you can rest assured that your website is in good hands and will continue to generate organic traffic and leads for years to come.

We are consistent with our monthly blog article writing. So you'll have fresh and relevant content out on the web at all times!

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