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Vital Care Tacoma - Website Revamp & SEO Checklist



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Author: Jake Ni
Published: Aug 23, 2023
Updated: Oct 05, 2023
10 min read

Welcome to the comprehensive checklist for the website makeover and search engine optimization (SEO) checklist for Vital Care Tacoma. 

We recently partnered up with them to revamp and manage their website and SEO.

Our digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and for healthcare providers like us, it's essential to ensure that our online presence is not just active, but also effective, user-friendly, and discoverable. With the advent of telemedicine and online consultations, a robust and efficient website isn't a luxury—it's a necessity.

Here is a check list of what we've done so far. More updates will be added.

*In order to protect our intellectual property, we deleted the checklist after launching this project*

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