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Vital Care Tacoma - Website Revamp & SEO Checklist



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Author: Jake Ni
Published: Aug 23, 2023
Updated: Aug 24, 2023
10 min read

Welcome to the comprehensive checklist for the website makeover and search engine optimization (SEO) checklist for Vital Care Tacoma. 

We recently partnered up with them to revamp and manage their website and SEO.

Our digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and for healthcare providers like us, it's essential to ensure that our online presence is not just active, but also effective, user-friendly, and discoverable. With the advent of telemedicine and online consultations, a robust and efficient website isn't a luxury—it's a necessity.

Here is a check list of what we've done so far. More updates will be added.

  1. We added a browser Favicon.
  2. We changed the website font to a more readable "Poppins" Sans Serif font.
  3. We sped up the website animation to improve user experience.
  4. Improved website logo size for both desktop and mobile.
  5. Improved the link spacing in Desktop navigation. Now they align on the same line.
  6. Improved the link spacing in Mobile navigation. Now there is ample space between each link.
  7. Added a call-to-action button "Get Started" to navigation.
  8. Improved footer content and added navigation and service keywords.
  9. Added a map embed on the footer.
  10. Added website page links on the footer. Internal linking.
  11. Improved website page structure. Added pages "Infusion Therapy Services" and "Blog".
  12. Improved the design, content and mobile optimization for the "Home" page.
  13. Audited and fixed the heading structure on the "Home" page.
  14. Added a page title on the "Contact" page.
  15. Improved the contact form on the "Contact" page. Added a spam protection.
  16. Added a get-direction call-to-action on the "Contact" page.
  17. Improved the heading structure of the "About" page.
  18. Improved the design of the "About" page.
  19. Improved the mobile optimization of the "About" page.
  20. Improved the content of the "Patients" page.
  21. Improved the mobile optimization of the "Patients" page.
  22. Improved the content of the "FAQ" page.
  23. Improved the mobile optimization of the "FAQ" page.
  24. Expanded the dropdown grouping of the FAQs.
  25. Added  a blog section on the "FAQ" page.
  26. Revamped "Providers" page.
  27. Added an image to each of the "9 steps" content container.
  28. Revised the call to action on bottom of the "Providers" page.
  29. Improved the content of the "Infusion Therapy Services" page.
  30. Improved the mobile optimization of the "Infusion Therapy Services" page.
  31. Added a service detail section on the "Infusion Therapy Services" page.
  32. Revamped the design of "Blog" page.

Here is a check list of specific SEO setup we've done. More updates will be added.

1. Infusion Therapy Services:
"Discover top-tier infusion therapy services in Tacoma, Kent, and Auburn. Vital Care of Tacoma caters to South King County and North Pierce County, offering expert care for a variety of medical conditions. We offer Immunoglobin Therapy, Anti-Infective Therapy, Nutrition Support Therapy, Pulmonology Therapy, Hemophilia Therapy, Hydration Therapy and Pain Management Therapy."
2. Patients:
"Patients in Tacoma, Kent, Auburn, and throughout South King and North Pierce Counties can find all the essential information for their treatment journey. Learn how Vital Care of Tacoma prioritizes your health and wellness."
3. Providers:
"Infusion Therapy providers in Kent, Auburn, Tacoma, Federal Way, Renton, Bellevue, Issaquah and more. Partner with Vital Care of Tacoma. Ensure your patients in Tacoma, Kent, and Auburn receive the best infusion therapy services available."
4. About:
"Transitioning from 15 years as a pharmacy manager to a pharmacy business owner, owner Chirag Vakharia is a testament to the dedication and passion that drives individuals in the field of pharmacy. Learn about Vital Care of Tacoma – the trusted name in infusion therapy for Tacoma, Kent, Auburn, King County and Pierce County. Discover our commitment to excellence and patient care."
5. FAQ:
"Have questions about infusion therapy in Tacoma, Kent, or Auburn? Our FAQ section provides answers for residents of South King County and North Pierce County, ensuring you're well-informed about our services."
6. Blog:
"Stay updated with the latest in infusion therapy! Our blog offers insights, news, and more for residents of Tacoma, Kent, Auburn, and neighboring regions in South King and North Pierce Counties."
7. Contact:
"Reach out to Vital Care of Tacoma for unparalleled infusion therapy services in Tacoma, Kent, Auburn, and the surrounding areas of South King and North Pierce Counties. We're here to assist you every step of the way. Call us at (253) 452-4045 Or simply visit us at our clinic in Kent, WA. We are open from Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm. 19226 66th Avenue South Suite L 107-108 Kent, WA 98032".
8. Home:
"Vital Care of Tacoma: Leading infusion services like Immunoglobulin, Anti-Infective, and Nutrition Support in Tacoma, Kent, Auburn, and beyond. Led by experienced Chirag Vakharia. Seek compassionate care in South King and North Pierce counties. Call (253) 452-4045 or visit in Kent, WA now."

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