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The 196th Street SW Improvement Project: A Game Changer for Small Businesses in Lynnwood

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Author: Jake Ni
Published: Jul 03, 2023
Updated: Jul 03, 2023
15 min read

 Big changes are coming to the heart of Lynnwood, Washington. This isn't just any change, though. It's a change that's set to give a major boost to everyone who lives, works, or does business along 196th Street SW (aka State Route 524 or SR-524). This major revamp? The 196th ST SW (SR-524) Improvement Project.

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Put together by the folks at Lynnwood's Public Works Department, this project is all about taking the bustling SR-524/196th Street SW and making it safer and more efficient. The best part? It's gonna give local businesses, like 1 Stop Link, a real visibility and accessibility boost.

Why is the SR-524/196th Street SW Improvement Project a Big Deal?

Think of SR-524/196th Street SW as the lifeblood of Lynnwood's economy. As our city keeps growing, we need to ensure our infrastructure keeps up. That's where the Improvement Project comes in. It's all about supercharging the corridor's capacity and efficiency.

So, what's gonna change? The road will be widened to make way for more traffic. We're getting new pedestrian facilities for better safety. Plus, there'll be improvements to utilities and stormwater treatment. Heck, they're even adding new lanes for carpoolers and bus riders, and making the place look nicer to boot.

Nearby businesses

How Will Small Businesses Score?

The SR-524/196th Street SW Improvement Project is like a winning lottery ticket for businesses along the corridor. A safer, more efficient, and prettier environment is bound to pull in more foot traffic and customer visits.

With more lanes and smoother traffic, customers can pop into the businesses along the street more easily. Better pedestrian facilities - think wider sidewalks and safer crossings - mean it'll be nicer for folks on foot, which is great news for retail and service businesses.

The beautification part? That's icing on the cake. A nicer environment is always going to pull in more visitors, meaning more potential customers for businesses like 1 Stop Link.

Connecting with 1 Stop Link

As the SR-524/196th Street SW Improvement Project takes shape, 1 Stop Link is all set to grow alongside the community. Our tech solutions are designed to help businesses keep pace with changing times, be it with state-of-the-art security systems or cutting-edge communication tools. Swing by our website at to see how we can help you in this evolving landscape.

The SR-524/196th Street SW Improvement Project is a big leap into a new era for Lynnwood. Sure, there will be some disruptions and traffic changes as things get underway. But the city's dedicated to keeping businesses accessible and keeping disruptions to a minimum (shout out to King5 news for keeping us updated).

As we look to the project's completion, we can't help but be excited about how it's going to transform our city and boost local businesses. This project isn't just about sprucing up a road; it's about making life better and giving our local economy a shot in the arm. For us at 1 Stop Link, it's all about a brighter future packed with loads of potential.


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