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Author: Jake Ni
Published: Nov 16, 2020
Updated: Nov 27, 2020
10 min read

*Some charts have better viewing experience on full-screen devices*

If you think numbers are boring, then you're not alone. Yet they're important, aren't they? For example, numbers can tell stories about a business's performance. If Starbucks want to analyze their store locations, they need to show numbers. When a car dealership wants to measure employee performance, they need to show numbers. If a law firm wants to analyze client acquisition, they need to show numbers.

So the question becomes: "How can you present numbers in a way that is not boring?"

Today, I'm excited to show you how you can use interactive charts to create stunning and intuitive number visualizations on your website. So that your visitors can have a crystal clear idea of your business and its numbers.

Courtesy of amCharts JavaScript library
Thanks to modern web technology and JavaScript libraries like amCharts, number/data visualization has never been so cool! Below are a few examples of interactive charts programmed by us using the amCharts JavaScript library.

Column Chart That Bounces

Using Excel sheets to measure employee performance? Yuck! This column chart is better. Put this side by side against an Excel chart, you'll notice the night-and-day difference right away. This chart is simply more dynamic, more beautiful and more intuitive. Who needs Excel when you can show this beauty? Better yet, this chart can be dynamically updated with live data. And it could be running on any web page.

Line Chart That Zooms

Need to present a value change over time? This line chart is perfect for that. You can drag, zoom and hover over the chart to view a variety of details. Again, the philosophy here is minimalistic, dynamic & intuitive. Just like any other charts shown here, this chart can be updated with live data.

Pie Chart That Shifts

Pie charts are perfect for showing shares & proportions. But have you seen a pie chart with this level of interactivity? Notice how it shows the value of each slice when you hover over it. The best part is, when you click the labels on the bottom, it will add/remove the corresponding slice! This is simply magical. You could only imagine how many people you can wow if you have this somewhere on your website.

Gauge Chart That Moves

This gauge charts needs to blow off some steam because it is getting too hot! The needle moves whenever there is a change in the value. So not only is this applicable in a variety of scenarios, it can also be updated with live data in real time.
To see more charts like these, you can visit amChart's demo page. #NotSponsored
These interactive charts can do wonders, but they do have some limitations. The most notable one is performance. As you may have already noticed, having multiple charts on the same page can deal quite a big blow to your browser performance. But again, this is a demo that is showing multiple examples. In real world scenarios, this is likely to be rare.
In addition, please don't expect a simple "copy and paste" installation if you decide to use them. These charts are programmed on websites by professional web developers like us. We need to examine the data structure, connect to live data feed coming from a server and perform some calculation if necessary.


Dynamic charts can be a powerful tool for all businesses. They visualize numbers and data, and make them palatable to most people. Not to mention they simply look really cool!
If you're looking to build a website with this level of interactivity, or you want to have these charts on your existing site, please feel free to schedule a consultation with us. We are happy to help!


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